Energy and Propulsion Research Laboratory


The MAE Energy and Propulsion Research Laboratory is centered in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UCLA. The Laboratory is headed by Professors Ann Karagozian and Owen Smith. The group’s approach to research and education involves the application of modern diagnostic methods and computational tools to the development of improved combustion, propulsion, and fluid flow systems. Thus our interests include aspects of fluid mechanics and chemistry, optics and numerical methods, as well as more traditional aspects of engineering such as thermodynamics, and heat transfer. Our research is directed towards development of fundamental engineering knowledge and tools for solving critical national problems, and in some cases towards development of proof of concept devices based on this knowledge.

MAE graduate students with interests in the fluid mechanics of combustion systems normally major in either mechanical or aerospace engineering. PhD candidates often have a Ph.D. major field in fluid mechanics and usually take an ad-hoc minor in combustion. The minor involves three graduate courses chosen from those relevant to the field in MAE. Graduate course offerings include courses in reactive flows, reaction kinetics, ionized gas flows, and hypersonics. Several scholarships and fellowships are available for graduate students through the Department and through local industry, and these normally lead to subsequent work as research assistants for those who wish to specialize in reactive flows.

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